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The purpose of the ART TALES website is to present Artwork from artists to the users of the site (potential “Buyers”), and to give them the opportunity to discover and buy original artworks online. These general terms and conditions of sale are meant to define the terms and conditions for the online sale of the Artworks available on the site and to define each party’s rights and obligations in such a relationship. The sales made through the Site are contracted between ART TALES and the Buyer. ART TALES is not, in any respect, a reseller of the Artworks proposed by the Sellers through the Site. ART TALES acts as a simple middleman in the context of the provision of the Site that allows Artists and Buyers to connect. As a result, ART TALES is not a party to the contract which is concluded only between the Buyer and the Artist, who is the only Seller of the Artworks and therefore the only one bound to obligations arising therefrom.


The unconditional acceptance of the entire general conditions of sale is mandatory to conclude the sale agreement, by both the parties. The acceptance is confirmed by a box that needs to be checked on the Artwork order form.

3 – ORDER:

The Artworks are offered for sale on the Seller’s website, subject to their availability. Each of the Artworks offered comes with a short explanation containing information about its substrate, its dimensions, its weight, and type. To order an Artwork, the Buyer must select the Artwork of his/her choice, place it in his/her cart and provide the necessary personal information to place the order (or identify him/herself, if he/she has a User account). Before validating the order, the Buyer must check the information appearing on the order summary, and he/she can correct any potential mistakes in the items inserted, as well as read about the delivery costs. The Buyer will be charged once the confirmation of the order is done which is done within 48 hours by ART TALES, in order to ensure the Artwork’s availability from the Artist. If the Artwork is no longer available, an email informing the Buyer will be sent within 48 hours, canceling the order.


The Artwork sale price will be disclosed to the buyer when the availability of the selected art piece and the selected size will be confirmed within 24-48 hours. Payment will also be deducted upon confirmation. The price listed in the confirmation email will be US $ and will include all taxes, delivery, and packaging fees. The different methods of delivery and related costs will be shown in the order summary. The delivery and packaging costs depend on the type of artwork, its dimensions, its weight, as well as the place of delivery. The payment of the artwork price by the Buyer to the ART TALES is made via the payment services available from ART TALES: credit card or bank transfer. Transfer of ownership happens as soon as the full price has been paid by the Buyer. Failure to pay the full price automatically cancels the sale.


The delivery of the artwork is made at the address provided on the order summary form, during business hours, and according to the procedures laid down by the carrier upon ordering. The Buyer must inform him/herself about the procedures and delivery schedules implemented by the delivery services provider. Obligations regarding the delivery of the order, meaning respecting the given schedules as well as the conformity of the latter are the sole responsibility of the Buyer, ART TALES shall in no case be held liable for failure to comply by the Buyer, who is entitled to lodge a complaint against the delivery service provider. The Buyer must, as soon as he receives the order, check the condition of the artwork, and mention any reservation immediately and in writing, at the latest within 48 hours, to ART TALES, who will transfer to the Seller.


The buyer reserves no right of withdrawal or refund as the artwork and its progress will be shared with the buyer.


ART TALES commits to respect and implement the statutory guarantees of the Buyer, i.e.: the guarantee of non-compliance and the guarantee of hidden defects.


The general terms and conditions of sale are governed by UCC law.

Art Tales is a USA Based art collective that presents the world with art from emerging artists. We are a one-stop-shop for your home decoration and gifting needs showcasing a thriving art category.

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